All Drives & Patios Ltd. Look no further for driveway cleaning. With our professional jet washing and pressure cleaning service, we can restore your driveways, patios, terraces and paths back to as new. Wave goodbye to unsightly weed, moss, lichen, slippery algae growth and stains as with our petrol driven pressure washers we'll remove them quickly and safely.

Stage 1: Cleaning the driveway

Any hard landscaped area can be brought back to its original condition. We use the Slip stream pro 21 surface cleaner which produces a pressure of 2465psi and releases 21 litres of water per minute.

Stage 2: Sanding the drive

Once your driveway or patio has been cleaned the joints will then be filled with kiln dried sand.

Stage 3: Chemically sealing the drive

Many of our customers also opt to have the driveway chemically sealed. This will help your driveway to remain in great condition for two to three years. Some of the benefits include, making the drive less porous to inhibit stains, stopping growth of weeds and algae and enhancing the appearance of your drive by giving it a permanent sheen. If you choose not to have your driveway sealed we recommend having it cleaned once a year.