Undertaking a garden project is a huge task; from choosing the right garden landscaper, to selecting an appropriate design and style for your surroundings and requirements, there's a huge amount to think about! We get this, and that's why providing personal and bespoke advice is firmly part of the service we provide. There are many things to consider when you decide to design or re-design your garden; starting with working out the practicalities. 

We are happy to attend your property to carry out a survey and provide free estimates for all work.

Before you go ahead with a garden project it's important to consider the priorities you have for your garden by asking the following questions:

1 How much time do you want to spend looking after your garden? This will make the difference betweeen a low maintenance garden and a garden that requires a little (or a lot) more time and thought. 

2 Consider accessibility; do you or anyone likely to use the garden often require assistance accessing the garden? This will have an impact on the types of materials used for paths, steps and will also mean garden features will need to be considered carefully. 

3 Considering accessibilty again, think about who else will be using the garden regularly; people with allergies, pets and children will all mean that specific features of the garden will need to be considered based on specific requirements. 

4 Finally, consider your budget; it's important that you consider what you are prepared to spend on your garden before your enquire.